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Murray's Falafel and Grill

(212) 533-1956

261 First Avenue
Manhattan, New York 10003

Neighborhood: Gramercy

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Type: Meat

Cuisine: Falafel, Grill, Middle Eastern

Average Check: $10 - $25

Supervision: Rabbi Avrohom Fishelis

Website: murraysfalafel.com/

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Murray's Falafel & Grill is an Israeli style falafal & shwarma eatery in which you can eat in, take out, or call in for pick up or delivery. Murray Allon is a native Brooklynite who lived in Israel 25 years, knows his felafal well, and wants you to enjoy authentic and gourmet Israeli felafel, shawarma, humous and other Mediterranean dishes. Murray's restaurant has a casual atmosphere and you can either order at the counter or seat yourself. Tableside waiter service is available and his friendly, knowledgeable staff will bring you a menu so that you can relax and enjoy your evening out.

Murray's mission is to serve fresh, clean, and healthful food at reasonable prices. Appetizers start at $3.50 and include various Israeli salads, Moroccan cigars, and of course, falafel. The Entrées range from $15.95-$23.95 and besides our famous fallafel, we have lamb, beef, and chicken kebabs, chicken shwarma, schnitzel, and rib steak. Sandwiches come in pita, whole wheat wrap (tortilla), or a thick and chewy Iraqi bread called a laffa. Other specialty items are heavenly citrus blossom lemonade, and baklava.

Takeout : Yes

Delivery : Yes

Parking :

Credit Cards : All

Wheelchair access : No

Reservations : No


Attire : No

Succah : No

Open Pesach : No

Mashgiach Temidi : No

Sun - Thur
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

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