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72nd St. Bagel

(212) 595-1300

130 West 72nd Street
Manhattan, New York 10023

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

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Type: Dairy

Cuisine: Bagels

Average Check: $3 - $10

Supervision: Tablet K

Website: www.72ndstreetbagel.com

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Though 72nd Street Bagel’s space may be small, you can expect big tastes from their fresh bagels, spreads, salads and pizza bagels. But big won’t describe the damage to your wallet or the size of your hunger after you walk out the door or order delivery.

And if you ask any Upper West Sider, they will tell you that the service is excellent. Whatever you order and however it arrives at your mouth, you will be happy it came from 72nd Street Bagel.

There is not a lot of seating, but there are plenty of options to tickle your tastebuds. Spreads, Salads, Heimische food galore. The pizza bagels are nice and messy; the sandwiches are packed with plenty of add-ons; the bagels are fresh and filling, but slightly small for a New York bagel. (Insider's tip: try the salad bar: they allow up to seven add-ins all for the same price). Have a light lunch or dinner here and then head over to the movies a few blocks away to make the perfect outing.

Takeout : Yes

Delivery : Yes

Parking :

Credit Cards : All

Wheelchair access : No

Reservations : No


Attire : No

Succah : No

Open Pesach : No

Mashgiach Temidi : No

Sun - Thur
6:00 am - 9:00 pm
6:00 am - 4:00 pm

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