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Florida Kosher Restaurants

May 25th, 2012

Traveling to Florida any time soon? We've got you covered.



Being a frum Jew, traveling on a vacation should not be a hard thing. We recently traveled to Florida for our yearly vacation and at first we were very worried how we will find where to eat. Breakfast, launch, dinner, supermarkets and more. Having to feed five kids is no joke. Luckily we found that there are dozens of Kosher restaurants in Florida, all you need to know is how to find them. 




We found Holy Bagels in Miami, great bagels for breakfast and also great name....get it? Holy bagels..



For dinner, that was not a problem at all, tons of great grills, Sushi, Chinese and Israeli style restaurants. We really were surprised and happy with the amount of Florida Kosher Restaurants we were able to find and more than that, the quality was really good, the food was great, we could not have asked more to make our vacation successful. 


Some of the highlighted restaurants we really enjoyed ourselves were Prime Sushi in Miami beach. Cafe Emunah in Fort Lauderdale, that was a winner, really great food, amazing decor and beautiful atmosphere. Another great one was Cine Citta Grill, wow, delicious food, out of this world decor and the service was excellent.



So next time you're traveling to Florida and you are on the search for Kosher restaurants, head over to this website were you'll find all of Florida Kosher Restaurants organized in the most easiest way to find, with all the info you need to know. This is truly the best Kosher traveling companion


To find all these great restaurants click here